Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Date

Obligatory bathroom mirror selfie
Goofie photo of me, Myrelle, and Chrystal

Last Thursday, my friends and I went out to watch a movie. After getting off from my clinical duty, I met up with my friends at the newly opened mall in Quezon city called Fairview Terraces. But before that, we ate at a restaurant which I could not recall the name. It's not because it is a hard one but rather I was too hungry to even care about it's name. After realizing we ordered too much, we decided to finish all the delicious food resulting into a food coma. 
We opt to watch Divergent since we really wanted to know what the hype was all about and we think we know now. Can I just spazz with you guys about how hot and gorgeous Tobias/Four/Theo in that movie? I swear, my friends and I could not contain all the feels while we were in the cinemas, especially the scene wherein Four took off his shirt to show his tattoo to Tris, which we figured that Tris just wanted to see Tobias shirtless. 
And if you are worrying if we disturbed the other audience, fear not because there were only 10 or more people who are inside the movie theater. Although, this movie theater is smaller than it's rival mall, I still think that I prefer watching in here. I swear, it was a cozy movie night. We were the first people to enter the theater. We got bored because we went in earlier. Being the teenagers that we are, we fooled around and took selfies around the theater. A great example was the last photo. We took more but we need to save ourselves from humiliation. For now, it'll be for our eyes only.
Excuse the LQ photos, I took it with the help of my friends. I just used an iPhone because lately, I've been feeling lazy to bring my bulky dslr. There is always next time so be sure to visit my blog when that time comes. As for the last photo, I shall get ready, I know my friends are gonna kill me if they see this. Ciao!

Wearing: Top Cotton On, Skirt Forever 21, Shoes Forever 21, Cardigan Zara

Saturday, December 21, 2013

UST Paskuhan 2013

UST Paskuhan OutfitUST Paskuhan 2013Forever 21 Sandals
UST Paskuhan

As they always say, 'first time' is always one of the experiences we will never forget. So last night, it was my 'first time' to go to the much awaited "Paskuhan" at the University of Santo Tomas. It is a Christmas celebration done every year at UST, including performances of different bands and known personalities plus some instagram-worthy deco-lights. It rained prior to the start of the concert so the field was so muddy. My favorite sandals (the one I am wearing in the photos) got ruined, as I tried to go closer to the stage. So, if ever you see mud on my foot in any of these photos, it is exempted oright?

Onto my outfit, the skin-hugging tightness of my top is close to the feeling of wearing nothing at all. It didn't made me feel too hot during the times we were walking, and walking, and endlessly walking around the place. My friend and companion, Myrelle and I were not students of UST so we really don't know much about the place. The "Lover's Lane" was true to it's name, as couples pass by while holding hands.

Last but not the least, can I just tell you that UST has the nicest looking boys. And I mean it! It made me wish that I was studying at UST. Lol.

'till next time!

Top from Lhasa
Skater Skirt from The Socialite
Sandals from Forever 21

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dressupdolly's One Year Anniversary

daisies, flower, dressupdolly, blog, fashion blog

Today, my blog turns one year old. I am so happy of how well my blog turned out. At first, I thought it was another attempt of making a blog then later on I will get tired of it and eventually will abandon it. But, I thought wrong. 
I never thought I'd find this blog as a sanctuary wherein I could feel at ease by just writing and doing what I want. This blog is like a work station and a documentation for my dream. I know I still have a long way ahead of me. Right now, I just want to explore, to learn, and to just have fun.
Along the way, I found you guys. I know this may sound cheesy but to all my readers who are still there, here are some daisies for you hehe. Thank you for supporting my blog even though some of you are like a ghost reader. Make your presence known! I'd love to interact with you guys.
As much as I want to have a giveaway, I can't right now due to the small number of my followers. Maybe when I reach 100 followers, I'll consider a giveaway.
I'll end my post now since I don't want to get emotional and bore you guys.
See you guys on my next post!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Floral Monochrome

Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Black Floral Dress Forever 21
Dress from Forever 21
Cardigan from Candie's
Heels from Payless

I've been drowning from all the Korean dramas that have been piled up in my bookmarks tab and right now I'm trying to watch all of it. My sembreak basically includes me, staying home and watching korean dramas. As much as I want to go outside and have fun, the penniless side of me holds me back. So it took me some time to post another outfit post because I don't have a chance to dress up. The title itself describes what I'm feeling right now. My life feels dull due to the lack of activities. But not all monochrome is dull right? I mean, look at this dress, it perfectly describes fun. But, me wearing such high heels, I must say is not fun. To wrap things up, did any of you guys noticed that I had a haircut?
Tell me what you think!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nursing Week 2013 Photo Diary

Starting with my first legit photo shoot, going on stage for the introduction of the candidates, showing the most energy during the talent show, getting a picture with Miss Earth Water Philippines, dressing with a gown made out of recycled materials, and last but not the least was strutting on stage with my VS Angels-inspired gown.

FYI: Nursing Week is a 3 days celebration in FEU-NRMF, School of Nursing, which is done annually. The celebration includes many food stalls and sing and dance numbers to portray the talents of different year levels. The search for the Mr. & Ms. Nursing is one of the highlights of Nursing week.

It has been a tiring and an enjoying week for me. Thank you to those people who supported and cheered for me during the pageant. I couldn't have done it without you guys, you know who you are. To my fellow candidates, congratulations! You guys are the most competitive, handsome, pretty, and friendly fellas I have ever seen. Everyone looked fab and glamorous last night. This pageant will be one of my experiences, I will never forget.

Now back to reality, one more week 'till the final exams and then it's sembreak!

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Credits: 1st & 2nd photo is from Jaggy Gangat (I slightly edited the photos). The rest of the photos are all mine. Thanks Chrystal!